My name is Gabriela and I’m a content creator and communications professional based in Upstate New York. I have 5+ years of experience writing and editing for both print and digital publications, and love telling stories across multiple platforms.

I work full-time for a brand, digital, and design agency where I serve as the content writing lead and social media manager on assigned projects. I earned my Master’s in Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and my Bachelor’s in Communication from the University at Buffalo.


I created a beauty blog early 2018, and while it’s still a passion of mine, I decided to explore other areas. Grad school, job hunting, and trying to envision the next stage of my life has been an emotional process that’s made me wary of the future. I’ve always known what I wanted, but have no idea how to get there. So it’s made me think… I can’t be the only one who’s completely lost.  

And that’s why I’m here.

My blog is for the girl who’s in the same position – the girl who’s afraid of the unknown, but won’t let that get in the way of her looking and feeling good. She wants clear skin and a healthy work-life balance. She wants to try affordable products that fit in her newly organized budget. She’s struggling in the dating world, but knows how to plan the perfect Friday night with her best friends.

I’ve been there and I’ve done that. (Jk, still doing “that.”) But through all these confusing, doubtful moments, there’s one thing I learned: The unknown is a lot less scary when you realize you aren’t alone. My mishaps and bounce backs should make you feel a little more at ease.

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