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Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Nov 13, 2019

My No. 1 goal for 2019 was to make choices that make me happy. Cheesy, I know. But I’ve always been the person who overplanned, overworked, and waited until I had already burned out to force myself to have some fun. That’s a really shitty way to live. 

I’ve learned the key to developing a healthy work-life balance is to find that balance between living in the moment and planning ahead. Enjoy the present while also preparing yourself for the future. Without one, you’re either irresponsible or obsessive. And let’s face it, no one wants to be around either of those people. 

I’ll let you in on how I came to that conclusion. 

Last week, I was finishing up a freelance project that took about 10 hours. I spent my Saturday morning and afternoon working before my friend texted me asking if I wanted to grab lunch and hit up the outlet mall. I immediately said yes because I knew I needed a break. 

Past me would’ve said no because I was convinced any leisure time would push back my deadline. Past me would work all day and night until my eyes were so heavy I could barely keep them open. I’d even wake up late the next day because I felt “I deserved it” for working so hard, which would be a waste of a perfectly good Sunday morning. 

But spending more time on something doesn’t always mean you’ve put in more effort.

Instead, I had a fun Saturday afternoon and came back with a clear mind. I had rested eyes, which allowed me to work more efficiently in a shorter amount of time. And that’s the beauty of giving your tired little mind a break and taking pleasure in whatever is thrown at you. 

Because the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. (Shoutout to Bertrand Russell for that gem of a quote.)

I plan on talking about this work-life balance a lot more in the next few months, but for now, it’s safe to say my 2019 goal has gone fairly well. While working a full-time job and taking on a bunch of side projects, I still manage to spend time with my friends, stay on top of any errands, and continue the simple daily activities that bring me peace. 

Listen to your body when it’s tired. Listen to your mind when it has trouble coming up with fresh, new ideas. If you’ve been working for hours and start to question whether or not you need a break, that means you probably need a break.

Remember, investing in a healthy social life is also investing in the quality of your work.


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