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Stay Energized and Keep from Burning Out

Nov 14, 2019

I’m guilty of trying to find a quick fix when I need a boost of energy. Coffee, vitamins, lots of sugar. And I’m not the only one. So many of us are used to searching for that immediate high, even when we know it isn’t healthy. 

Now, if you’re looking for another quick fix to replace those unhealthy energy boosts, this isn’t the post for you. That’s because the key to staying energized is to take control of the things that drain your energy in the first place. This requires a ton of self reflection and will allow you to start creating healthy habits instead of turning to food or pills to push you through the day. 

My self-reflection process required me to map out what I find valuable, which then opened my eyes to what I don’t find valuable at all. 

So, what do I value?

When it comes to creating content, I value two things above all else: Creativity and freedom of expression. When I have the two, I feel most capable of creating work I truly love, which is why my blog is so important to me. I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want. And not having anyone look over my shoulder or tell me how to write gives me a crazy thrill. 

What do you value?

If you’re having trouble thinking of what you value most, visualize your dream job. Don’t think about how much money this job brings in or whether or not it’s in your field of work. Ask yourself: If I can do the same thing every day and never get tired of it, what would that thing be? I told myself my dream job would be to write about whatever I want at the moment.

Now, how do you stay energized? 

Once you have that dream job in mind, write down everything about that job that you like. For me, I loved the idea of working anywhere at any time. I could write in the morning while eating french toast in my kitchen, and edit across seas while sipping champagne at dinner. 

You might love the freedom of working out every day as a fitness coach, or being surrounded by children as a kindergarten teacher. Whatever it is, write down all of the characteristics of that job. You’ll then see that what you like about your dream job can also be applied to other parts of your life. 

I’ll explain. 

I love having creative control over my work. This allows me to write with an authentic voice and discuss topics that mean a lot to me. I also like having these pieces valued, and feeling like I’ve created something that could help other people. I also find peace in sharing my beliefs and ideas in an open space where I’m not intimidated by other people’s judgement. 

And while all these things apply to the work I do on my blog, it can also be applied to the work I do full-time, or even the relationships I have with the people around me. Making sure I have meaningful conversations with my friends and family, and creating spaces where myself and people closest to me feel comfortable enough to share our most intimate secrets. That’s what gives me an energy boost. 

On the other hand, the exact opposite of what I just mentioned will drain my energy – small talk, complaining about things I have no control over, or too much external noise that makes it hard to concentrate on pretty much anything. 

This self-reflection has made me realize I need to put more energy into content I love because I’ll get that energy back in return. But once I start creating for other people, sticking too close to trends, or engaging in conversations that bring out a negative spirit, I’ll immediate feel a burnout coming. 

So, protect your mind and valuable space. Make note of every little thing that makes you happy and do that 100 times over. Make note of everything that brings a dark cloud over you and stay far away from it all. 

And this doesn’t mean you have to make a complete 180 in your life right away. Acknowledging these small moments is the first step toward making change and giving yourself the energy boost that no little gummy vitamin could.


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