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My name is Gabi and I’m a writer and digital content strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in content writing, copywriting, and developing content marketing strategies that generate leads and boost brand awareness. 

In my current role as the Content Director for Perfeqta, I oversee our digital marketing strategy, manage a team of talented creatives, and write resource guides and newsletters on DEI and talent development trends.

During my time at Perfeqta, I built our marketing department and created a content strategy that helped scale our startup to a seven-figure company in just over a year. 

With a background in journalism, I’ve always been passionate about highlighting stories of people from underrepresented communities and I hope to continue creating content for mission-driven brands.  

When I’m not working, you can find me booking my next plane ticket, watching lots of reality tv, or trying to recreate a TikTok recipe. 

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